REDCap stands for Research Electronic Data Capture. CRMDA offers this secure REDCap service only to clients who have established funded research projects with CRMDA. It is a clinical database-builder and survey management tool and is similar in nature to many online survey tools, such as Qualtrics. The difference is that REDCap is explicitly designed for randomized clinical trials and longitudinal research projects. REDCap is more security conscious and is designed for academic research.

The REDCap server is administered by CRMDA staff, technicians in the KU Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC) and KU Information Technology (IT). REDCap resides on HIPAA compliant servers that have been certified by KU Information Security.

For Research Projects

When a funded research project requires REDCap storage, CRMDA staff will create the REDCap project. For details about project billing, see redcap-fee-structure

IMPORTANT: PIs must make arrangements with CRMDA staff <> to regulate access to the project or delegate some REDCap duties to their team leaders.  All team members who wish to participate must individually register for REDCap access.  They must apply (or renew) for a REDCap user account by also completing the REDCap Services Request Form. After all accounts are created, the PI will grant permission to each of their researchers and have control over who has access to their REDCap project.

For on-going projects, new user accounts may be needed as team members come and go. New user accounts can be requested by following this link to the REDCap Services Request Form.

Login to REDCap

REDCap is a Team-Oriented Framework

The REDCap framework puts the responsibility for project management on the Principal Investigator.  The Principal Investigator has the duty of making sure that all pieces of information that need to be secured are properly protected and has the right to designate other research team members to design surveys and import/export information.

Difference between the "PI" and "REDCap PI"

Some research projects are so large that the PI is too busy to manage details in REDCap. In cases like that, another team member will be designated as the REDCap Principal Investigator (REDCap PI).  This is necessary because CRMDA staff needs to know which team member is the primary point-of-contact. When new projects are created, we will ask for the name and email address of the PI and REDCap PI in case they are different individuals. 

It is important to remember that the overall PI of a research team is still legally responsible for the protection of private information. Delegating the managerial duties to a REDCap PI does not change that fact.

Technical limitations of the REDCap framework

Number of Records Allowed: The REDCap server is designed to handle projects with no more than 15,000 records. If a project is allowed to grow significantly beyond that size, the server becomes slow/unstable during some phases of data retrieval. Please take this into account when developing your project in REDCap. CRMDA has some experience advising teams that need to split projects into segments or otherwise re-organize data in order to remain under the 15,000 record limit.

Size Limit of Data Upload: In addition, there is a security-based limit on the size of a data upload. The limit is 10,000 data elements. A survey should be limited in size so that no respondent ever tries to upload 10,000 data elements. In this context, a data element is a possible answer in a questionnaire. CRMDA's REDCap Administrator is willing to consult with projects that get close to this limit.  In our experience, almost all projects do not approach the 10,000 element limit.  Reaching that limit is usually a sign that a survey instrument is badly designed.

For More Information Please Contact:

REDCap Administration
The University of Kansas
Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis
1425 Jayhawk Blvd.
Lawrence, KS 66045 -7594

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