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Welcome to the Technology Focal Point of the Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis

Access Overview

Access Level 1 (All KU Logins):

  • EduStat Windows Remote Desktops (requires remote desktop client)
  • Read-only access to CRMDA shared files
  • Access from on campus or VPN (KU Anywhere):

Access Level 2 (Registered with CRMDA):

Benefits of access Level 2, plus

  • Linux shell access at hpc.quant.ku.edu.
  • ResStat Windows Remote Desktops
  • User file storage (Linux HOME directory appears as drive H:\ on ResStat systems)
  • Info:
    • Register at the CRMDA offices (see Accounts)
    • ​SSH Access:  hpc.quant.ku.edu
    • SSH Login: ku-online-id (no prefix)

Access Level 3 (CRMDA Staff):

Benefits of access Level 2, plus

  • Membership in the "crmda" group, which allows expanded file access
  • Write access and permission control of directories in CRMDA shared file system:
    • From hpc:  /crmda/workgroups and /crmda/users
    • From ResStat: appears as the "crmda" share on drive R:\

Level 1. EduStat Remote Windows Workstations

EduStat users need not register with CRMDA.

The EduStat Remotely Accessible Workstations are available to all people who have valid login usernames in the KU HOME domain. See the WinStat pages. The RDP Login site shows which systems are available. One can launch a session from that page, or download the rdp configuration file to ones computer (from whence sessions can be started). Don't forget to use the login with the HOME domain clearly stated: HOME\your-ku-login-name.

Users on these systems will find a fairly broad collection of programs.

'CAUTION: There is no Lifeguard on Duty'

Your access is offered as a courtesy of the Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis. We offer access, without any legally binding warranty of service.

We don't do phone support on these systems. If you have trouble connecting, please come to the CRMDA offices where we can discuss what's going wrong. If your computer is portable, please bring it.

If you believe there is a hardware malfunction, please come into the center, or send an email message to clusterhelp@ittc.ku.edu.

Access to these systems in not supported through the central KU Information Technology system. Consultants at KU's help line, 864-8080, do not know anything about our systems and they will not be able to help you. There is no point in filing bug reports with them!


Level 2. Registered CRMDA member Account Access

Registration is Required

Registration with CRMDA is required for people who seek access to the HPC Linux cluster or to use the ResStat remote desktop workstations. People who want to have write permission on the CRMDA file shares (see "shared storage" below) must be registered. Please do so in person at the offices of the CRMDA.

For Security Reasons, Login will be allowed only from within the KU network domain (ku.edu) or on systems that are in the VPN system known as [[2]]. The install of the VPN client on user workstations has been a troublesome process, it may be wise to seek professional assistance. We have some advice.

Please note that accounts on our system are intended for research and educational purposes of KU and the Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis. It is not appropriate to use these services for other purposes, whether they are commercial or not.

High Performance Computing on hpc.quant.ku.edu

To log into the cluster, use an SSH terminal program to open hpc.quant.ku.edu. Use your KU login ID, without HOME or any other domain. That is, say your username is "your-ku-login-id".

Think of the HPC cluster as a system in 3 parts.

First, these are Linux operating systems. Users need familiarity with Linux OS--logging in, editing files, running scripts, and so forth. For help on Linux, consult the Linux Main Page.

Second, Clusters require some specialized skills, especially where the submission and management of big jobs is concerned. Help documents are located at the Cluster Main Page.

About the Environment: The Cluster homepage explains that this is a cluster of Dell PowerEdge 2950 and 1950 systems that is supervised by CRMDA and administered by the KU ITTC.

Third, the cluster systems use a shared file structure, so that all systems in the cluster see the same user files under /home and /tools. There is more information about the shared file storage below.

ResStat: Remote Windows Workstations Primarily for Research

These systems have the software that is installed in the EduStat systems, and they also have more permanent storage and possibly some specialized software.


Level 3. File Storage!

Each system has its own disk space (more on ResStat than EduStat), but they are also linked together with a web of Networked File Storage systems. Those storage systems provide the storage that appears as the HOME folder for users on hpc.quant.ku.edu (which appears as H:\ on Edu or ResStat) as well as the CRMDA shared folder, which appears as /crmda to hpc.quant.ku.edu or as the "crmda" share on Edu and ResStat (usually drive R:\).

Those storage systems are also available to systems outside the Cluster framework. Information about how that can be done, along with information about controlling permissions and so forth, is available on Our page on External Storage.

Software Help Pages

In the Software Pages, we offer collection of tips and links about programming and software usage that should help researchers on all operating systems.